QO Hotel: Leading the pack in Guilt-free Luxury


QO Hotel

An eco-friendly haven for the busy yet discerning traveller

In our world today, it is often difficult to put luxury and sustainability in the same context. QO Hotel has successfully challenged the status quo by creating an eco-friendly haven for the busy yet discerning traveller.


Comfort and Luxury

From light-saving, motion driven lighting from the parking to hallways, to eco-friendly lift designs and farm-to-table restaurant concept, QO has a well thought through green strategy embedded in its operations, without necessarily sacrificing comfort and luxury.


Modern Design

As you step into a QO guest room, you will be blown away by the clean, minimalistic design, a nice play of wood and dark lines accentuated by dimmable lighting to create modern living spaces that do not compromise on comfort.



It also boasts a tasteful selection of Zenology toiletries that
accentuates the hotel’s minimalist approach

Our stay at the QO has always been one of my favorite hotel experiences and highly recommended!