Autumn in Blausee



This mysterious blue lake transforms into a myriad of colours during the Autumn season - a beauty that is totally one of Switzerland’s best kept secrets.

Blausee is one of the most enchanting places in Switzerland, tucked secretly in the Kander valley, just above Kandergrund. The blue lake is the centerpiece of the 20-hectare nature park. Right next to the lake sits Hotel Blausee and Spa, a haven for wellness and relaxation, as well as a reputable restaurant boasting of 13 GaultMillau points. Blausee Restaurant offers a very simple menu with high quality ingredients. One can enjoy farm-to-table trout dishes, cultured and organically nurtured in a pool of alpine water just behind the hotel. The restaurant‘s Sunday Brunch offering is one of the best we‘ve seen in Switzerland - highly recommended!

The poetry of the earth is never dead.
— John Keats

Blausee is accessible by car or train. Stop: Kandersteg. From the train station, take bus #230 to Stop: Blausee BE.

A story of love and heartbreaks.

A story of love and heartbreaks.


Legend has it that this magical blue lake used to be the meeting place where a shepherd and young maiden fell in love and spent their days.

The young man died in an accidental fall on one of the cliffs and this broke the young lady’s heart. The story goes that the girl would often come to the lake in the middle of the night, row herself to the center of the lake and cried out her pain to the heavens.

One day, the lady was found at the bottom of the lake. From then on, the color of the water turned dark blue. Many speculate that the color comes from the tears coming out of her blue eyes.