Sous Vide Salmon


120g fresh salmon
Pinch of Salt
1 tsp Garlic Salt/Powder
Dash of dried dill
5 g grass fed butter

Sous Vide Cast Iron Skillet

Pat dry salmon and dry rub with salt and dill.


  1. Rub salmon with garlic poweder and pepper. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and seal.
  2. Sous vide for 30 minutes in 60C.
  3. Melt butter on the skillet and sear the salmon, at least 3-5 minutes on each side to achieve a golden brown color, or longer as desired.
  4. Add additional salt and dill seasoning, as needed.

Ready to serve in under 10 minutes. Serve with a slice of lemon on the side.


This recipe is designed for people on the go, who need hassle free, straightforward healthy meals without requiring a lot of active preparation. Because good healthy food can also be prepared in a simple way.