Best Gelato in Switzerland

Gelato, literally translates to “Frozen” in Italian-speak. And no doubt the Italian culinary genius was at play when they concocted this sinfully irresistible dessert/snack, a summer favorite, but nonetheless, an all time, all season hitmaker, that has captivated the foodie palate the world over. This summer, we visited a number of gelaterias all over Switzerland, and here is our top 5.

Tellstrasse 20, ZURICH

When we say we travel for food - we mean it! This is a bit of a detour from our home base in Basel, but when the cravings come, it’s hard to resist the urge to jump on a train to Zurich for this taste of heaven. This is how gelato should taste like and the mini scoop is a cute little offering that is distinctly a Gelati Tellhof trademark.


Altes Tramdepot, Grosser Muristalden 6, BERN

Black Vanille is the name of the game! It is a flavor that haunted us for weeks on end. Never saw nor tasted anything quite like it… and it definitely deserves a little junket. The photo does not give justice to how good it tastes. No wonder this little ice cream shop have people queueing up - especially for this flavor!

Rheingasse 13, BASEL

It’s hard to miss this little shop window with a long queue of people trying to indulge their sweet tooth. The ice cream at Eiscafe Acero are made from organically sourced, farm fresh milk. Their sorbets are certified Vegan, with only the best ingredients from organic sources.


Gerbergasse 58, BASEL

This little ice cream shop right in the heart of Basel’s Barfusserplatz area is a gem to be found. True to it’s goal, it has brought the “closer to the taste and tradition of the real homemade Italian "gelato" - world renowned for the highest quality and freshness of the ingredients.”.


Gerechtigkeitsgasse 24, BERN | Monbijoustrasse 75, BERN

A place where you can eat and learn how to make gelato. La Golosa is a crowd favorite in Bern and rightfully so, being so meticulous in sourcing top-of-the-shelf, high quality ingredients.