Bites and Pixels is a blog birthed from the desire to journal and create inspiration to live a healthier, more gezellig lifestyle minus the fuss. The idea is to build an online resource for people-on-the-go, on the lookout for short, bite-sized information about all things gezellig - places to visit, hotels to stay, restaurants to try, as well as healthy, alternative recipes to have a go at, without having to spend 24 hours in the kitchen.

My name is Rhea and I currently live in the beautiful city of Basel. I am a Dutchie, with Filipino-Chinese roots running through my veins. Coming from a mixed heritage, I am a lover of people and diversity. Europe, as a home for the last decade, has allowed me to enjoy this eclectic mix of food and cultures, and in retrospect, has given me a new sense of appreciation for my very own.

My life is an organized chaos… never boring, always abuzz with new surprises. My feet goes where my palate leads. I live with a suitcase ever ready to venture off and discover new places when the beckoning starts. My insatiable curiousity to wander near and far, to appreciate life as it unfolds, is the reason why I chose to write about some of my experiences - because good things deserve a space carved out for a repeat!

Welcome to my little niche online. I hope you enjoy your stay!


P.S. If you are in town, hit me up for coffee - I’d love to meet you!